We are two inteligent, articulate, horny teenage girls who wish to record our sexy exploits for all to read. This diary will record our adventures in words and pictures and we will try to explain why it is we do ewhat we do! From dressing in revealing clothing to sucking off strangers we stop at nothing in our quest for sexual excitement. This is just the start of our journey, we intend to widen our horizons sexually, and share that journey with you. We also want to hear from you - let us know your thoughts on what we do. Space is limited here at blooger.com and so not many pictures (and non of our movies) can be shown here. For that reason we have set up another site for you to view all the pictures and movies we make. Details below !! You may find it useful to read this blog in chronological order. PREVIOUS POSTS AND MONTHLY ARCHIVE CAN BE ACCESSED FROM THE MENU ON THE RIGHT


Hi guys

We have just completed our 2nd major photo shoot so though we should rush back and tell you all about it.

Yesterday afternoon we both checked into a central Manchester hotel with a huge bag full of sexy clothing. After raiding the mini-bar the fun commenced - a kind of fashion show - with Mike the photographer snapping away as we tried on sexy outfit after sexy outfit. The idea was to get some pictures and movies for the site and also choose an outfit to where out in the town later in the evening. Of course, being rempant exhibitionists, the shooting soon left the privacy of the bedroom and ended up in the hotel corridors!!

After about 3 hours we had tried on all the outfits and chosen 3 each to wear in Manchester that night. It was about 6.30 pm by the time we had put on our first outfit and headed out of the hotel. You soon have seen the faces of the people in the reception area as we walked past wearing the most see through outfits you have every see - with absolutely no underwear underneath!!! As we left the hotel some guys leaned out of an upstairs window and 'wolf-whistled' as we walked to our car. (more about those guys later!)

The journey into Manchester was great - flashing at all the passers by and taxi drivers - Mike had trouble driving AND taking the pictures at the same time! To top it all it started to rain! (Typical Manchester!)

Arriving in Manchester we parked in Chorlton St Multi Storey Car Park and walked the short distance to the 'Gay Village' to find a bar and 'dry out'! We took loads of pictures and movies of the two of us in the bar, drinking, flashing and kissing each other before heading outside into the rain to shock the passers-by. The Gay Village is great bacause you are not going to offend too many people.
After about 30 minutes taking pictures we entered another bar, this time to use the toilets to get changed. Im not going to tell you about the outfits we changed into - youll just have to wait until the pictures get posted on our site in the next few weeks!!!

It all ended with us back at the car park. It was starting to get dark so we used the well lit car park for the shots of us in our final outfits. And what outfits!! We both got naked and unwrapped a roll of latex bondage tape. We made ourselves 2 very brief, slimpy skirts and tops from the tape and walked around the car park looking for victims to shock!!

Mike the photographer then left to go back to the hotel to take a look at the pictures, leaving the 2 of us to spend the night partying in the city. We didnt take any pictures but you can just imagine the trouble we got into!

Arriving back at the hotel at 4am would you believe the guys who whistled at us were still by the window of their room. They beckoned us up, shouting out their room number - and as we had had far too much to drink we said yes !!

We were dressed to kill! Entering the boys room we found 5 guys who had been out on a stag night and were just as drunk as we were. We walked into the room dressed in sheer skin-tight trousers with no underwear underneath and see thru tops with no bras. Our whole bodies were on show to 5 strangers out on a stag night. We looked at each other, and with a mischeivous grin and wink decided to make it a night they would remember !!!!

To be continued........

11:01 am

Hi everyone!

Well, we have just finished our first ever photoshoot together! (who says it always rains in Northern England - the weather once again was fantastic!)

Using the same two locations as in Natasha's first shoot we both dressed up in some very revealing outfits and 'strutted our stuff' in public. We had one hilarious moment (to be seen in coming pictures) whe a cyclist went by, looked over his shoulder at us without much on, and nearly fell off his bike!!

The weather was so good we finished off by rubbing oild into each others bodies!

Im sure some people are going to frown upon two sisters behaving in a sexual way, but that is just the way we are! we are not 'incestuous', but enjoy 'putting on a show' and winding people up!!! see the forthcoming pics for evidence!

We also shot our first movie clips. As we speak they are being 'edited' into one long sequence and should be posted in the next few days (If we can work out Redclouds' complex video posting requirements!! - any help would be appreciated)

Speak again soon


Natasha & Nicole

7:16 pm

Well, weve done the first photo shoot! (actually it was just Natasha! - Nicole had to work - shame!) . The shoot went really well, starting of along the promenade at Blackpool. I wore a completely see thru black lace dress, stockings, suspender belt (garter belt for all you in the US!) and nothing else! I sure shocked a few passers by !

After that we went to the nearby sand dunes, where people go to walk their dogs. I took 9 of my favourite outfits and paraded around for you all! Fortunately, although it was a bit cold (see my nipples!) it was a lovely sunny day.

As soon as the shoot finished we arranged the next one, this time to be with my sister Nicole. The pics and details will be here soon!

See you soon


P.S. Our first 'members meet' will be on Thursday May 4th in the centre of Manchester. We will both be 'out and about' around the bars and would love to meet up for a drink with any of you that would like to join us. (Mines a vodka and Coke!). Email us if you would like details of where we will be.

6:57 pm

Hi guys!

Welcome to our new diary. Here you will read details about our sordid lives as two sexy sisters. Rather than being intentionally provocative for the sake of it, we have decided to record our exploits as they happen and try and give reasons why we enjoy doing what we do. Although we are only 18 and 19 years of age we are both highly intelligent and articulate, and so hope we can put into words what it is like to be 2 horny teenagers exporing sex for the first time.

After much thought we decided to host our site with an organisation called 'Redclouds'. We did this for several reasons. Firstly they offer free web hosting !! Secondly, we can post our pictures on the great Voyeurweb site, and lastly, when you join our site not only do you get to see all our pics and movies but also get free access to millions of other pictures on all the other sites in the huge Proadult network!! Click our 'Main Site' link to find out more.

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